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Featured in Boston Globe, Coastal Living, Portland, Downeast Magazine


  • Darcy was a great leader! Enjoyed her immensely. She took care of every detail, was attentive, helpful, knowledgeable, kind. Loved Chess too! Both leaders were excellent!

  • We just started biking this past March. We travel several miles but the land is basically flat. It was a rude awakening when we started the bike tour. … I never worked so hard in my life. BUT I LOVED IT. It made me a better biker and it inspired me to get better. I had a wonderful time!

  • One of the best vacations we’ve ever had. Being with Alyssa and Jeremy was just as much fun as the biking and the other activities. They were knowledgeable, fun, helpful, and knew what to say and when to say it. They worked very well together.

  • We had a wonderful time as usual with Summer Feet Cycling. This was our second trip with you and you did not disappoint. The trip was all that was expected and more. The weather was gorgeous, the cycling superb, the accommodations wonderful and comfortable, the sunset cruise and dinner terrific. Best of all, the group and guides were a lot of fun to be with. We certainly enjoyed ourselves immensely. We give give Kim and Sheila high marks for availability, friendliness, assistance, and trying to meet all the needs of a varied cycling group. You get a 10.

  • [Heather was] warm and welcoming, very supportive, and made it fun for me. [Nick] thinks about details, enjoys his responsibility, and made me feel safe and looked after.

  • Excellent dining and activities on Summer Feet tours. Knowledge of cycling itineraries, good instructions and maps.

  • The carriage roads are awesome! We had a great time. Enjoyed our fellow travelers and guides tremendously. We are used to the flatlands of the Midwest, so the “gently rolling’ hills came as a bit of a surprise to me. But after I learned how to pace myself better going up, things fell into place. We hope to join you on another trip in the future. Thank you and your staff for a wonderful time.

  • This trip receives the coveted “exceeds expectations” award! We look forward to another trip.

  • Based on these two trips with Summer Feet cycling, I would not hesitate to book another trip with you, or recommend friends. You have done an outstanding job each time! Good support crew, friendly guides, and you really personalize our trips. Thanks for another great vacation!

  • It was an amazing trip

  • Carol Walsh says...

    We love Summer Feet and will come again, One of the best cycling trips ever

  • Don Tarrant says...

    One of the best trips we have ever taken

  • Martin Allen says...

    Out of the 3 bike trips we did this year, Summer Feet was by far the best.

  • Our trip was beautiful, fun, delicious and entertaining. Thank you for all the special attention details.

  • Perfect I wouldn’t change a thing

  • A perfect 10

  • Best ever Norman… Loved the trip

  • Wow! Everything I expected and more – an amazing vacation.

  • Toni and I had a great first biking adventure and are inspired to do another.

  • I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic trip. I will be telling all of my friends about my “wicked good” trip to Maine for years.

  • It was an exhilarating experience but extremely relaxing at the same time. I’ve fallen in love with cycling . . .

  • You’ve created a wonderful trip – your attention to detail was impressive. We loved our trip.

  • Jason and I loved our Summer Feet experience. [Our guides] Evan and Katie were fantastic, knowledgeable, encouraging, friendly, and accommodating. Every route, every meal, every hotel was well planned and beautiful. Thank you for a truly memorable week.

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