6 Great Reasons to Visit Macedonia

I love to travel so it does’t take much for me to add a destination to my bucket list. With Macedonia I was instantly hooked. For anyone on the fence here are 6 great reasons to visit Macedonia.

1. You Will Have the Place to Yourself

If you have ever used the phrase “Off the Beaten Track” Macedonia is the place for you. Last year, Macedonia received 630,000 visitors. To put that in perspective France received 81 million people and Disneyland received 25 million.

2. The Food is Really Good

Macedonian cuisine is a wonderful mixture ofMediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. Lush with farm fresh vegetables, herbs and amazing local cheeses.

3. And So Is the Wine

Macedonian wines have begun to get the attention they deserve.” Food and Wine” picked it as their top wine destination of 2015.

4. The Word is Out

The New York Times picked Macedonia as a top 10 destination for 2015.

Outside Magazine picked it as a place everybody will be talking about it 2015 saying

“Crowds have yet to reach this mountainous Balkan state, which means you can go caving, road biking, and hiking in glorious isolation.”

Yahoo Travel called the Town of Ohrid the secret gem that you have never heard of.

British Travel Magazine Wanderlust picked the Western Balkans including Macedonia as a top destination for 2015.

5. There is Lots of Great Stuff to See and Do

Some of the trip highlights include:

  • 1. Cycling into Albania
  • 2. Visiting 3 National Parks
  • 3. Discovering Lake Ohrid one of the oldest in Europe
  • 4. Exploring fabulous Byzantine churches

6 It’s a Bargin

Since the Euro is so low and we are trying to launch Macedonia as a destination the 8 day/7 night tour is only $1400.00 per person.

Check out our Macedonia Bike Tour