Maine Multi-Sport Tours


Our multi-sport tours offer something for everyone. We have picked our favorite places to bike, kayak, and hike and combined them into memorable weeks sure to create lifelong memories.  All you have to do is bike, hike, paddle, and relax your expert guides will take care of the rest.

Maine Multi-Sport

Discover the best of Maine on our weeklong multi-sport adventure. Bike, hike, sail, and kayak your way along the Maine Coast. From the picturesque town of Camden to the quiet coves of Islesboro Island and the stunning beauty of Acadia National Park, our weeklong multi-sport adventure has something for everyone. Listen to the surf as it pounds the rocky Maine coast, and enjoy wild Maine blueberries lobster fresh from the sea. Learn More


Trails, Ales and Sails

Maine has long been know as vacationland. With thousands of miles of coastline, myriad mountains and forests Maine has drawn outdoor enthusiasts for hundreds of years.  In recent years, Maine has developed a reputation as a great state for beer. With 117 micro-breweries ranging from beer icons like Allagash to small one kettle operations, the beer scene in Maine offers something for everyone. Our week-long adventure is packed with fantastic activities and visits to some of Maine’s finest breweries. Learn More