Steve Slack, Quebec

“My wife and I chose the Quebec trip after having such a great time on the Maine’s Gold Coast trip, which was just incredible. At one point while we were riding I thought to myself, ‘Does vacation get any better than this? Does life get any better than this?’ The whole experience was an adventure.

It’s important to have a guide that is sensitive to the group so that we can all ride at our own pace and enjoy the experience. That’s what a Summer Feet trip delivers—they create a fun atmosphere and it’s a critical part of the dynamic. Their guides are just unbelievably accommodating. They did everything they could possibly do to make the trip as great as it could be. They told us, ‘This is your trip, and it’s a vacation, not a death march!’ They were really flexible with everyone’s needs.

I give Norm kudos for putting together a top notch group of folks that care about the experience they provide for their guests. And you really do feel like you are their guests. They make these trips become the type of experience you want them to be.”