Carol Walsh, Camden

“We are already looking forward to our next trip! The cycling was excellent. You can go as far as you want and then ride in the van. There is no pressure, no bullying, and no questions asked. You just go at your own pace.

The guides were so supportive and accommodating. They helped my husband fix his flat tires and repaired another couples’ bike that was damaged in shipping. The cycling routes get you away from traffic, so you’re mostly on secondary roads and you get to see more of the countryside. We saw cattle, horses, and barns but I always felt close to civilization, just not the touristy areas. The guides kept us together and to a schedule but we had some down time to walk around Camden and relax. They really go out of their way to make sure your trip is pleasant and that you are enjoying yourself.

We stayed at the Blackberry Inn and it was just top-notch. They treat you like royalty there. I wanted to be pampered—and I was! I felt like everyone was bending over backward to make sure our trip was great. The restaurants our guides chose were wonderful and the food was just fantastic everywhere. One of the general stores packed us a huge lunch that we ate at a park overlooking the ocean.

I really enjoyed the sunset cruise, the breeze, and the captain’s funny stories. But what was absolutely amazing about that sail was the moon rise – it was almost just like a sunrise—gorgeous.”