The Summer Feet Difference

How We Think

Personalized not Corporate

By design we are smaller than the big bicycle tours companies that everyone has heard of. We give our wonderful guides the freedom to deliver the best experience possible to our guests without having to worry about running afoul of page 117 paragraph B of corporate policies manual.

Groups not Hoards

I started Summer Feet with the very selfish goal of spending days outside sharing the beauty of Maine with people.  If I wanted to spend my days dealing with swarming hoards I would have taken up bee keeping. We have been fortunate enough to grow our business to many other beautiful places but still believe that the best travel experiences are intimate.  Most of our groups run with 10 to 12 guests.

What We Do

A Full First Day

Our tours that begin in North America will boast plenty of cycling on the first day, not an arrival day with an afternoon welcome talk.  On a six-day tour, that is 16% more vacation for your dollar.  For tours that are further afield (by that we mean you have to cross an ocean to get to the starting point), we believe that having a day of acclimation is important.  For that reason you’ll see our Italy itineraries reflecting a more relaxed first day.

You Choose Dinner

You should get everything you want on vacation, so instead of offering you limited choices from a pre-selected menu, we take you to the area’s finest restaurants and let you choose whatever you please.

Activities are Included

For each trip, we pick the area’s most iconic and enjoyable off-bike experiences and include them in your trip price.

Door to Door Service

On all 6-day and longer trips, we will pick you up at your hotel on the first morning of your trip, allowing you to relax and start enjoying your vacation while saving you the hassle and cost of figuring out how to get from the airport to the start of your trip.  When the trip concludes we will take you back to the airport or your post-trip lodgings.

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