Why The Name Summer Feet?

norman-300x257In the beginning, we danced quick-footed dances across rocky edges of coastline and pavement warmed by the July sun. As summer wore on, the sense of urgency faded and the days settled into their own rhythms. Tans deepened, hair lightened and feet adapted to a shoeless existence, toughening to meet the challenges of carefree days. Soon we had summer feet and could move barefoot through the woods and along the shore.

Along the way, I decided that summers on the Maine coast needed to be more than memories, so I combined the shimmering beauty of Maine with my love of cycling and created Summer Feet Cycling Adventures.

Summer Feet believes in spending days moving at your own pace, enjoying the outdoors surrounded by a group of people, or off with your best friend. I have created unique cycling trips designed to show you the best of Maine and beyond. Combining the idyllic days of youth with the comforts of adulthood; beautiful rides, charming inns, wonderful restaurants, and the friendliest guides in the industry.
I hope that you will join us.

Many Happy Days,